Getting Your Patients Started With Stemline ARC®

Getting assistance from Stemline ARC for your ELZONRIS patients is simple. Follow the steps below to get your patients started.

3 Simple Steps to Enroll

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    Download icon the ELZONRIS enrollment form

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    Fill out this form with your patient. Remember to obtain their consent and ask for their signature

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    Submit the completed enrollment form and either fax to 1-833-329-7836 or mail to Stemline ARC, PO Box 5490, Louisville, KY 40255


Once the paperwork is submitted, a Stemline ARC Patient Advocate* will call your office and patient directly and walk through the available savings programs they may be eligible for based on the benefits investigation

We Are Committed to Helping You and Your Patients

Stemline ARC is here to help patients and their healthcare providers by assisting patients in understanding benefits they may be eligible for:

  • Benefits investigation and verification, financial needs assessment, and triage to assistance programs
  • Support for prior authorization, medical exceptions, appeals of denied claims, and practice reimbursement
  • Billing and coding information, including J-codes, National Drug Codes (NDCs), International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) codes, and Medicare Severity Diagnosis Related Groups (MS-DRGs)

Stemline ARC Patient Advocates* are the single point of contact for you, your office staff, and patients, who:

  • Provide an overview of support services
  • Confirm ELZONRIS coverage and financial assistance
  • Share helpful resources
  • Assist in overall case management

*Stemline ARC Patient Advocates are available to provide resource information and answer questions about financial assistance, insurance benefits, and coverage for ELZONRIS.

This supplemental support is not intended to replace discussions between patients and their healthcare providers.


Connect with a Stemline ARC Patient Advocate at
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM ET,
Monday through Friday, to learn more.